Solved: VMware Appliance Management user password expired

Unable to logon to vcenter appliance:5480!

Issue: vmware vcenter appliance 6.7 is installed successfully and everything working fine on vsphere web client nevertheless as I login to vmware appliance management it says “unable to authenticate user” or “VMware Appliance Management user password expired”.

I got this issue right after deployed the vcenter therefore it was not really expired. (btw appliance management default password expiration policy is 90 days)


Since Appliance Management password is the same as that of vcenter web client, it may be linked each other so that updating web client admin password also update appliance management root password.

To change admin password on web client several times and reboot vcenter does not work.

Appliance Management root account need to be reset directly in the vcenter appliance console.


Anyway here is the solution of resetting Appliance Management root account password.

1.Reboot vcenter and press ‘e’ to get boot menu. 2.Add “rw init=/bin/bash” as below and press F10 to continue.(this change won’t be saved after reboot)

3.Type: “passwd” to reset root password , then type “umount /” , and “reboot -f” to apply this change.

4.Reload Appliance Management page and try to login with reset password.

Finally you can login !

Hope this solve your problem too.